Q&A With Shar Lemond

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm positively thrilled that Shar Lemond has shimmied over to my blog to share some time and be the first author interview of the year. Soon after reading her spunky novel, Travel Secrets: Book One- Rio de Janeiro, Shar and I became fast friends. How could we not? Besides being artsy, talented, … Continue reading Q&A With Shar Lemond

Q&A With Wave 80 Radio!

  Today I’d like to introduce Gary Teel and Mindy Wright, the talented radio personalities of my favorite 80’s station, Wave 80 Radio. I’ve grown quite fond of this charming musical duo over the past few months, and if you love 80’s pop culture, music, and trivia as much as I do, you just might … Continue reading Q&A With Wave 80 Radio!

Q&A With Soulla Christodoulou

Hello, and welcome to my blog! Today I'd like to introduce the delightfully charming Soulla Christodoulou.  Please tell us a little about yourself. Hello, Kristy and thanks for having me! I'm an adult fiction author and poet and a mum of three boys. I live in a North London suburb, very close to where I … Continue reading Q&A With Soulla Christodoulou

Q&A With Oleg Konovalov

Good afternoon, readers! It's my pleasure to present Mr. Oleg Konovalov, an author whose writing I've greatly enjoyed. Through his books I've learned a tremendous amount about the ins and outs of the world of corporate structure and business anatomy. His latest release, Corporate Superpower: Cultivating A Winning Culture For Your Business is an exceptionally … Continue reading Q&A With Oleg Konovalov

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017 is here! What does that mean? It's time to give a big shout out to the hard-working educators across the land! During the first week of May, or this year, May 8-12th (Conflicting dates, but you can't go wrong with either) we celebrate a week of gratitude for the teachers that dedicate their lives educating the children … Continue reading Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Nurturing Your Future Bookworm-Inspiring Kids to Love Reading

Getting children to be enthusiastic about reading can sometimes be a challenge. Compared to the television, with all of its stimulating jingles, colors, and characters, reading may seem quite boring. That's why the earlier they begin their lifelong love of books, the better. Books with vibrant art, rhyming, and lively characters is a great place to start. Soon … Continue reading Nurturing Your Future Bookworm-Inspiring Kids to Love Reading

A December Day in Pittsburgh

It's 6:15 PM on December 13th. I sit at my keyboard, distracted by the fat, beautiful snowflakes falling outside my window and think, what's it really like to live in Pittsburgh during the holiday season? Nothing short of wonderful! If the seasonal weather, spectacular lights, sporting events, holiday-themed activities for both adults and children, outdoor skating rinks, music, and traditional downtown window displays doesn't have you feeling the least bit festive, then you may want to … Continue reading A December Day in Pittsburgh