Whether you’re a parent, teacher, family member, coach, neighbor, or friend, most likely there’s a child nearby in need of positive influence. Like little sponges, children absorb information from all around; the good…and not so good. That’s why it’s SO important they receive the kind of good they can carry with them throughout their lives. Love, compassion, tolerance, inner-strength, positive self-esteem, independence, the ability to trust their instincts, resourcefulness, to have a strong voice, follow their dreams, and thorough books & reading, teach themselves anything they wish to learn! #LiteracyIsForLife

Nurturing Your Future Bookworm

Give Your Children The Gift of Health

Give Your Children The Gift Of Heralth

Summer Reading

https://wwVolunw.carnegielibrary.org/ http://www.succeedtoread.com

Volunteer Opportunities For Families

Why Volunteer? It’s a great opportunity to participate in meaningful work dedicated to helping others, meet awesome new people, get involved with the community, and experience the joy of serving. Here are a few places to start!

www.mealsonwheelsamerica.org https://www.volunteermatch.org/

https://www.habitat.org/ https://www.specialolympics.org/

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Food allergy, anaphylaxis, Eosinophilic disorders, and Mast Cell diseases are rising at an alarming rate and anyone facing these issues knows that allergies must always be taken seriously. Educating/reminding your child’s teachers, peers, and family members can sometimes feel overwhelming when some just don’t GET IT, but we must continue to teach children to assert their specific needs with confidence and be their own advocate when parents aren’t around.

If you have a child who is allergy-free, please teach them to be respectful, empathetic, and not to tease/bully/ or harass those affected. Always having a prepared plan of action in place and practicing an emergency drill or two will help lessen anxiety. Let us never give up hope that one day children and adults can eat without fearing it could be their last bite.

FoodAllergy.org allergicchild.com WorldAllergy.org