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Love the 80s? Mall Hair Maladies is a laugh-out-loud, coming-of-age comedy with a heartwarming conclusion you won’t see coming! Hold on for the ride as these bodacious, bubblegum-pop princesses skate you back through the days of bad perms, bathroom bullies, bogus curfews, boy crushes, and burping contests!

Pittsburgh, 1985 . . .

It’s not easy being the new girl, but it doesn’t take long for Randi Gattano to snag a new best friend as totally rad as she is. Randi and Tanya have everything in common-big hair, big dreams, big imaginations, and an even bigger obsession with scoring tickets to see their favorite pop queen live. How far will they go in their determination to let nothing stand in the way of the greatest night of their 13-year-old lives? And what will they ultimately learn about friendship, family, and fate?

“What inspired me to write MHM had everything to do with being an 80s child. How wonderful it was to be present for the first days of MTV, new wave, techno, glam-metal, Steven Spielberg and John Hughes films, Saturday morning cartoons, bubblegum comics, Happy Meals, and cereal box toys! Witnessing the emergence of dynamo artists like Prince and Madonna arrive fresh on the music scene, evolve, and reinvent themselves time and again is downright awesome. One of the many things that makes the 80s so phenomenal is that all the art/music/literature from that era is still as great as ever! Writing about that colorful, adventurous, unforgettable time makes me smile, and hopefully, it will make others smile too.”

“A marvelous blend of 80’s nostalgia, determination, self-discovery, friendship, and love.” 
“Looking for that perfect “tween” book. This is it. And you might just want to share it with your mom.”
“The perfect “tween” book with an added journey through the “historic” 1980s. A fun combination…”
“…It reminds us that every generation has to struggle with coming of age and find ways to fit in while being true to one’s self.”
“Likable characters, funny, clever, an honest reflection of what it’s like to be a teenager in the 80s. This is a quick, easy, and fun read everyone will enjoy.”
“I am in love with this book!” 
“The author brings it all back…the music, smoke-filled bathrooms, the frustrating inconvenience of having to look things up in the dictionary and wait out never-ending busy signals…original, well written…” 




FROGS CAN FLYfcf new cover 2021 (4)


Spring is here again at Cackleberry Creek and young Lulu is full of questions about everything! “When will I grow bigger? Why do cows eat grass? Why is the sky blue?” One thing Lulu knows for sure is, she isn’t feeling very special or pretty today. She wishes she were a bird, a squirrel, a cat…anything but a green ole frog! With a little help from Mama and her pals, can she learn to love herself for being her? Through it all, Lulu learns that being special doesn’t always mean being like someone else. In addition, maybe…just maybe, frogs can fly too!  


Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk

Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk


A charmingly funny tale about friendship and compromise. Davy Frog’s surprise birthday bash is a huge hit and everyone on the farm is there to celebrate! On the way to the party Lulu meets a lonesome critter and invites him to join the fun. Siggy is funky, spunky, but unfortunately a bit too skunky! He smells like rotten cackleberries! Worse than chicken coops on a hot summer day! No matter how funny or sweet he is, no ones seems to wants him around. Lulu and her pals are determined to help Siggy get rid of his bad odor and change his life for the better! Will Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk be a success and help Siggy finally have friends and not be left out of all the fun? Or will this bunch learn some valuable lessons about compassion, compromise, and acceptance of each other’s differences? And maybe it takes all kinds of different critters to have one big happy farm.  




There Are No Monsters at Cackleberry Creek


Those  crazzzy critters of Cackleberry are at it again in this hilarious case of mistaken identity. The annual harvest moon celebration is only two days away and Lulu and her pals are buzzing with excitement! But when spooky howls, missing desserts, gigantic muddy footprints, and other strange things begin to happen, the critters imaginations run wild turning the entire farm upside down!  Will the gang learn to face their fears to save Cackleberry and the celebration from a dessert stealing mud-monster? As the mystery unfolds, things take an outrageously wacky turn in a way none of them had ever imagined! 


The Clubhouse Cabobble

The Clubhouse Cabobble


Summer has arrived at Cackleberry Creek and your favorite critters are tearing up the farm in another hilarious adventure! All Lulu and her galpals want more than anything in the world is a clubhouse of their very own to decorate pink and to keep their arts and crafts dry from the rain. So when one doozy of a storm sweeps through Cackleberry leaving behind a fallen mighty oak tree lying on its side, the gals can hardly believe their luck!  The perfect clubhouse. But when they discover  that the fellows have already decided its going to be their new den, the battle for the clubhouse begins.  Neither side is about to give in and the critters turn the farm upside down competing for their beloved prize.  After a lot of silly shenanigans. a few sneaky tricks & some rough waters, will they decide that their friendship is the best prize of all?


Life is a journey, and what better way for your child to express theirs than through writing and sketching? Encourage them to fill the pages with whatever comes to mind so they may observe, process, and communicate thoughts and emotions freely. Whether it’s poetry writing, drawing/doodling, music lyrics, or logging daily adventures and dreams, a logbook is a must-have for kids of all ages! #Amazon #Hardback