April is National Frog Month!

April is National Frog Month and Cackleberry Creek is celebrating! Come join Lulu & Mama Frog, Bill-the-wise-old-bullfrog, and the rest of the gang as they honor their fab-amphibian friends! #FrogsRock 

Did you know?

Frogs are (mostly) carnivorous amphibians.

A person who studies frogs (and other kinds of amphibians) is called a Herpetologist.

There are over 5,800 different species of frogs wearing a multitude of colors. Fabulous!

Some frogs have lived up to a whopping 30 years!

Some frogs camouflage their color, blending into the environment to avoid predators.

Frogs have been around so long they’ve hung out with dinosaurs.

Frogs can hop more than 20 times their body length.

The teeniest frog is the world is the Paedophryne amauensis from New Guinea, measuring only .27 inches long.

The largest living frog in the world is the Goliath Frog, which can grow more than 14 inches long and weight over 6.8 pounds.     

Frogs can hold their breath for 5-7 hours at a time. Wow!

Frogs cannot survive in Antarctica.    

A croaking Bullfrog can be heard a whole mile away.

More affectionate frogs like to embrace in a cuddly hug known as amplexus.

Frogs are completely without ribs or diaphragm.

Frogs are cold-blooded critters.

A group of frogs is called an ‘army.’

Once a week the frog will completely shed its skin and then eat it for the nutrients.

Frogs’ favorite snacks are (apparently its own skin) aquatic plants, algae, mosquito larvae, crickets, mealworms, and fruit flies but some larger frogs will eat mollusks, fish, mice, birds, and reptiles.

There are roughly 1000 frogs on the endangered list today.    

How you can help

PBS Endangered Frogs List  


Love a great frog story?

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Happy World Read Aloud Day 2023!

Happy World Read Aloud Day, book lovers!

What better way to celebrate books and reading than to spend an entire day reading out loud? We can all agree that not only is it super-fun to read aloud with your favorite bunch (teachers, pals, little brother, cat, goldfish), but here are a few ways it’s great for ya!

* Bonding time! (Aww.)

* Reading aloud builds vocabulary.

* Bedtime stories = cozier sleep. (Am I right?)

* Reading aloud also exercises that brain!

* Develops deeper empathy and emotional awareness. (That’s nice.)

* Improves memory and brain agility.

* Stress reduction. (Yes!)

* Sharpens creativity.

* Builds an even stronger love for books and literature.

So, remember to grab a book, grab a pal, read aloud, and read it PROUD! Happy Reading!

KRISTY JO VOLCHKO is an award-winning, multi-genre author, poet, blogger, book reviewer, and human rights activist.

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29 Rad Romance Movies of the 80s (That Branded Our Hearts Forever)

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who channel surf right past Pretty In Pink or Dirty Dancing without flinching, and those who are compelled to stop and watch (even if only for a few minutes and the 1400th time in their life). The second group knows within seconds which scene of the movie it is, the actor’s next line, almost every song on the soundtrack, as well as the performing artist.

I am, without a doubt, the second kind. And if you grew up thinking that if a boy really loved you he’d be willing to ski the K-12 (on one ski), whisper, “As you wish” in response to whatever you ask, or surprise you at your prom by ditching his usual goony threads for a snazzy suit, you’re probably with me.

Yes, yes, I’ve heard the same kinds of comments you have. “This movie, again? Haven’t you seen Peggy Sue Got Married a thousand times already?” Or, “I don’t know how in the world you can sit through Dirty Dancing one more time.” And my favorite, “Ugg, I cannot watch Princess Bride again…you’re seriously stuck in the 80s.”

Blah, blah, blah. Some people just don’t get it.

What can I say? I love the 80s and have always been unapologetically super-romantic. Was I born this way or had I simply watched too many of the most romantic movies of all time? Probably both. But the awesome thing is, I’m not alone.

Millions of others share in the belief that these unforgettable movies are just as great today as they were in the 80s. Why else would they remake classics like Grease, Dirty Dancing, and Hairspray? And why is it that most of us still prefer the original versions? Because some films are created so perfectly the first time, attempting to replicate that magic will always fall short. We know and love them like we do old friends and they’ve become part of us.

Through the years, boyfriends/girlfriends, schools, jobs, careers, homes, and spouses come and go with the seasons, but music, art, movies, experiences, and relationships play a huge part in what shapes who we are. Whether you realize it or not, they’re embedded in our hearts, souls, and cells forever.  

For many, these quirky 80’s movies will always be a sweet reminder of that first kiss, high school dance, bogus journey, dream of traveling in a DeLorean time machine, becoming the next Rocky Balboa or the lead singer of one of the raddest metal bands of all time.

So, I say to my fellow 80s-loving, ultra-romantics who still sigh each time they hear ‘The Time of My Life’ or ‘Endless Love’ . . . we’re kindred. Let us continue having ‘the time of our lives’ forever and ever. To the ones who don’t get it, you’ll just have to tolerate our ‘Hopelessly Devoted’, ‘Endless Love’ of the best decade of all time—the 1980s!

You may also want to watch (over and over again) these totally adorable flicks:

The Princess Bride


Dirty Dancing


Sixteen Candles


Endless Love


Against All Odds


Pretty In Pink 


When Harry Met Sally


Can’t Buy Me Love




Valley Girl


Secret Admirer


Mystic Pizza


Some Kind Of Wonderful



An Officer And A Gentleman


Urban Cowboy


Romancing The Stone


Better Off Dead



Peggy Sue Got Married 




Private School


The Secret Of My Success


Purple Rain




About Last Night


Coming To America


Say Anything


Just One Of The Guys


Blind Date



Prelude To A Kiss




Kristy Jo Volchko is the author of the award-winning tween 80’s comedy, Mall Hair Maladies. A child of the 80s, she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she continues to share her love of storytelling (and all things 80s) and tries to stay out of trouble. 🙂 Drop by and say hello! @KristyJoVolchko   KristyJoVolchko.com     

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