Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017 is here! What does that mean? It’s time to give a big shout out to the hard-working educators across the land! During the first week of May, or this year, May 8-12th (Conflicting dates, but you can’t go wrong with either) we celebrate a week of gratitude for the teachers that dedicate their lives educating the children of this world.

We all know that most teachers give so much more than a daily lesson. These sensitive, intelligent, hard-working folks put much of their time and energy into shaping, guiding, and loving our children. For some kids, that one special teacher may be their only source of safety, comfort, attention, guidance, a caring smile, and even a snack to fill their belly. I truly believe that teacher’s are the most special people on the planet. #Angels

As a student, mother, children’s author, and previous public school aide (many moons ago), I’ve had the pleasure of knowing an array of educators throughout the years. I’ll always carry a special place in my heart for the unforgettable people that helped shape who I am today and continue to do so.

My 2017 Teacher Appreciation #ShoutOut goes to Mrs. Jill Cofsky, from Oxford, Massachusetts, who also happens to be a talented voice actor. #HappyTeachersWeek to a positive, creative, exceptional lady, who continues to touch the lives of so many, every single day. Thank you for all that you do!



To learn more about Jill Cofsky, visit: https://www.jillcofskyvoice.com @JillCofskyVoice


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